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DokuWiki for Pharos-Library

This is a quick guide how to use DokuWiki for Pharos Library. You can test codes using the Playground. For more details, have a look at Dokuwiki, in particular and

Edit a page

To edit a page, you need to have the status of a contributor. If this is not the case, please contact us via

To edit a page, you can either click on the small buttons “Edit” (to edit a section), or click on the pencil on the right hand side to edit the whole page.

Edit a page

Create a new page

Simply put your new keyword (for example “Liouville equation”) in the search bar (in the top right corner). You should get the message “You can find the results of your search below. If you didn't find what you were looking for, you can create or edit the page”. Then click on the red text to create a new page with your keyword.

You are ready to fill the new page with your content!

Basic content

Here is the basic structure of an entry of the Pharos Library. Copy the text and fill in some details. You can get inspiration on concepts which already exist and look on their source code.

====== Your concept ======

''A short slogan'' (optional)

[{{:your image.png?200 |Caption}}] (optional)

Short description of the concept

===== Material =====

* Put here the document you want to add to our library, arXiv [[]]

===== Related concepts =====

* related concept

Adding images

Edit the page where you want to put an image. Then click on the “add pictures” button (a small painting), upload your file and click on “Done”. Then select your image and choose its position, size etc.

A typical example looks like {{:picture.png?200 |Caption text}} . The file is picture.png, its size 200 pixel. The caption text is only visible when the user puts the mouse on the image.

To get a visible caption, just put square brackets: [{{:picture.png?200 |Caption text}}] . This creates a box around the image.

Be sure the image has no copyright, or ask for permission.

Math and formulas

We use the plugin MathJax. You can use basic LaTeX formulas, within dollar signs in the text and within double dollar signs for display mode. Don't use commands requiring fancy usepackages.

Example: Consider the function $f: x\mapsto x^2$. We then get $$f' : \left \{\begin{array}{cl} \mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R} \\ x\mapsto 2x \end{array}\right.$$ Look at the source code to see how these formulas work.

Create boxes, multiple columns, tables

Use the functionnalities of the Plugin “Wrap”, see

Change text size, font, color

Use the functionnalities of the Plugin “Typography”, see

How to add a Plugin?

You have to be an administrator. Go to “Admin”, then “Extention Manager”, then “Search and Install”. Type the name of the plugin you want to install.

Don't find what you want?

Search online with “DokuWiki [describe what you want to do]”. Probably you will find a plugin which can be used to do what you want. If you are not an administrator, write an email to contact at to ask for the installation of the plugin.

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