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Welcome to the PHAROS Library, a wiki for Pedagogic and Heuristic Approaches to Research (Online Sources)!


The main purpose is to gather, promote and produce material on research topics (mainly mathematical physics) which are as accessible and pedagogical as possible (see Criteria below) in an open access way.

In our researchers life, we encounter constantly concepts outside of our expertise and we wish to understand just the big idea. Why does the concept exist? For what is it used? In this library, you should get approximate answers to these questions.

We see this wiki as a place to put references giving a pleasant, visual and conceptual overview on research topics without entering into technical details.

In addition, we try to give for every concept a very short overview, a picture to have in mind, a slogan to remember.


The material we want to gather here should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • pleasant to read or watch
  • conceptual, clear and concise
  • can be voluntary imprecise
  • addressed to researchers
  • use of visual items (figures, pictures, animations, …)
  • gives motivation, overview and applications of a concept
  • uses heuristics, analogies and metaphors
  • no technical details
  • gives concrete examples
  • gives sparse, but precise references
  • open access


This wiki is at its very beginning. If your favorite pedagogical introduction to a topic is missing, please feel free to add it in the library!

Here are the last contributions:

Soergel bimodules


For questions, suggestions and remarks, feel free to write an email to contact at

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